Making Time

We spent two weeks mashing up time management with our favorite apps and applications.


A conference app for the creative community.

Philips Sonicare in The Sims FreePlay

We worked with Philips Sonicare to capture new audiences through gaming.

The Future of Cake

The future is almost here, and it's delicious!


Week 146

Hans Gerwitz

February 5, 2016

uGrow Smart Baby Monitor from Philips Avent

We worked with Philips Avent to design an app experience for the uGrow Smart Baby Monitor.

3D Systems Professional Tools

We worked with 3D Systems to create a design language for their professional product line.


We did a series of short workshops with Monolith to evolve and refine their product.


Finding an Interaction Model

Shannon E Thomas

January 19, 2016


When the product you desire doesn't exist, you have to build it yourself. So we're sharpening our web skills by developing our own service.

to [icon]

Kata (方) is a honing exercise. Through repetition, the practice refines the basic skills necessary for mastery of a craft. We sought to better ourselves by creating sets of icons, not simply drawing things, but also exploring metaphors for visual communication.

Knowledge Sharing

Combining tried-and-true approaches with new ideas can lead to exciting results. We've worked with a handful of startups to form these unique ideas into designs that users can use without having to learn an entirely new set of interactions.