Philips uGrow smart baby monitor

We worked with Philips to design the app and choreograph the user experience for a connected baby monitor.

From requirements to experience

We organized and prioritized a long series of features to create a simple interface that focused on watching and engaging the baby, while having more advanced tracking features readily available with a simple swipe.

component library
interaction model

Guidance for the future

The uGrow Smart Baby Monitor app was the first app from Philips Avent, and we wanted to not only establish but also to document design patterns and principles. We did this via component libraries and design guidelines that could be applied to future versions of the uGrow Smart Baby Monitor or more broadly to future apps in the uGrow ecosystem.

Ensuring quality through development

We created thorough documentation to communicate the experience to developers and quality assurance engineers. We also worked closely with offshore app developers to capture discrepencies and find new solutions where the existing ones weren't technically possible.

uGrow Smart Baby Monitor app

project artifacts


gestural design

information architecture

interaction model

UI design

UI toolkit

design guidelines

design assurance