Personal Intelligence logs

We have activity trackers, connected scales, and travel loggers. It's frustrating to learn from data across services, so we've envisioned an agnostic platform.

Visualizing for ourselves and others

As designers, we try not to design for ourselves—a difficult principle to maintain when creating a product for yourself. As a matter of course, we've studied our data and tried to imagine both obvious and whimsical ways of visualizing it. It's easy to get lost in the possibilities, but we keep ourselves grounded by evaluating what will be helpful or inspiring to future users.

range of products
design guidelines documentation

Building it ourselves

When the product you desire doesn't exist, you have to build it yourself. So we're sharpening our web skills by developing our own service, soon to be in alpha.

Scaling without designing every screen

A service of this magnitude overwhelms quickly, so we documented an inventory of the screens to show which interactions will take place on what screens. Drawing from other services is difficult, as most quantified self tools tend towards less aesthetic interfaces and more accesible services tend towards less exploratory visualizations.

interface flow diagram